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How to Get Back a Hacked Instagram Account

Instagram accounts are a recurring target for hackers. They could be seeking access to private accounts, attempting to sell your username, or aiming to steal your confidential details. Therefore, safeguarding your phone should always be a top priority. If you suspect your Instagram account has been hacked, you should take action as soon as possible. The longer hackers have access to your account, the more harm they can do to your privacy and your online reputation.

The first thing to do is check for an email from Instagram saying that the email tied to your account has been changed. This is the easiest way for hackers to take control of your account. However, if you can find the email, you can reverse the action immediately.

If you can’t find the email, there is one more option to fix it before it’s too late. You can request a login link to be sent to your phone number instead of the hacker’s email address.

At the login screen, tap Get help signing in (on Android) or Forgot password? (on iOS). You can then enter your phone number to have a temporary login link sent. Follow the instructions from there to regain access.

If this restores access to your account, you should immediately change your password and revoke access given to any third-party apps. You may also find that you are now following some new accounts. Don’t worry about that until after your account has been secured. You’ll have plenty of time to unfollow them after securing your account.

When all else fails, you can still report the hacked account to regain access. Do this by following the steps below, and again, don’t be afraid to be persistent.

  1. On the login screen, tap Get help signing in (on Android) or Forgot Password? (on iOS).

  2. (Android only) Enter your username, email address, or phone number and tap Next.

  3. Tap Need more help? and follow the on-screen instructions.

As part of this approach, you will need to send a photo of yourself holding a security code to verify your identity. To minimize the chance of getting hacked again, turn on two-factor authentication as soon as possible, and adjust your privacy settings.

If you need more help recovering your Instagram account, just send us an email by filling out any of our forms and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly!

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