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Social Media Recovery Specialists

We help you recover your disabled or hacked social media account.


Your Partner in Recovering Your Social Media Accounts. We specialize in recovering Instagram and Facebook accounts. Click one of the account recovery services below and fill out our forms or just 

contact us today! 


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Social retrieving reviews
Social Media Recovery Reviews

After our Facebook and Instagram account was disabled with no information as to why or how to re-enable them, we took a chance on Social Retrieving. There are a lot of social media account recovery services out there with pricing upwards of $3k and no sure way to discern their legitimacy. Social Retrieving was fairly priced, communicative, and (most importantly) successful. After a few weeks, we were in contact with Meta, and our account was reactivated. Losing an entire audience from a popular channel is frustrating for businesses, and we thank Social Retrieving for their help.

Social Media Recovery Reviews

Katelyn Stewart, Marketing

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Social Retrieving Review
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Social Retrieving is your partner in recovering your social media accountsWe provide nationwide support for recovering hacked, disabled, and banned social media accounts with our dedicated and helpful team. We can guide and assist any business or person who needs help with taking back their social media account.

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